Welcome to Tigglets Montessori in Farnham

...to what is a beautiful, holistic educational method – the Montessori Method.

At Tigglets Montessori we understand, only too well, that a child's learning is not a 'one size fits all' system. Every child is different, every child is an individual and we value this uniqueness. We recognise the importance of independent learning in a child's early formative years and we encourage all children to explore and develop into self motivated learners.

Montessori is not about 'learning for now', it is about 'learning for life'. It is not about failing, it is about succeeding in everything they do. It is about growing in confidence and valuing themselves. It is not about being rushed, but learning at their own pace.

At Tigglets Montessori we are passionate about offering our children and parents a quality environment. This is reflected in our MEAB Accreditation Award, so why not arrange an appointment with us and come and observe the Montessori ethos for yourself.